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Having a great website means nothing if it’s hard to manage.

Many web development agencies count on expensive monthly retainers to make their money, so they build sites that are difficult for non-technical people to maintain and spend little time training their clients. We believe in capacity building—enabling your in-house marketing team to make updates and handle the day-to-day maintenance of the website we’ve built for you.

That’s why we offer 1:1 training for your staff members who are going to be working with your website. We’ll arrange training sessions at a convenient time and walk you through things step-by-step. We will also create recorded training videos to cover any topics that your staff might need to reference in the future.

There will also be times when you need a new feature added or want your website to work better with a third-party tool you’re using. That’s why we offer flexible, affordable monthly retainer packages tailored to your business needs. You’ll get a set of developer hours that you can use each month, plus client support hours for any questions you have or fixes you might need.

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