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Your website is your senior living company’s greatest marketing tool.

Most providers get the majority of their digital leads via website traffic. Unfortunately, many websites make it difficult for their core demographics—seniors and their adult children—to get the information they need. Poorly-designed navigation, annoying popups, and broken site elements can make senior living websites hard to use.

If your visitors can’t trust your website, they won’t trust your company with their own care or the care of a loved one.

Visitors who can’t interact with your site will turn to another provider, or go through an expensive lead aggregation service with a better user experience.

That’s why we build websites with older adults and their families in mind.

  • Responsive, accessible, easy-to-navigate websites

  • Integrated community finder that makes it easy for people to find the location closest to them

  • Copywriting services

  • Advanced SEO optimization (keyword research, meta tags, microdata, NAP consistency, alt tags)

  • ADA-compliant (via plugin)

  • Cloud hosting with our 99%+ uptime guarantee*

We build websites on Statamic, a powerful yet easy-to-use content management system. Statamic ensures your website will be fast, ____, and easy to maintain. It’s a scalable solution that makes it easy to manage your website, whether you have a single community or a hundred.

Most of our clients utilize our world-class cloud hosting services. By working with enterprise-grade cloud partners and content delivery networks—and by performing technical optimizations to your site—we can ensure 99%+ uptime and high scores on Google Core Web Vitals (a key search engine ranking metric).

One thing that makes Senior CMS Solutions unique is our focus on continuous improvement. Once your site launches, we will use data gleaned from our analytics tools to see how your visitors are interacting with the site. This helps us identify areas where your design and copy can be further refined to improve visitors’ experience and capture additional leads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Contact us and we’ll be happy to give you a ballpark estimate. Senior living website projects can vary widely in scope depending on the number of communities, whether or not they’re individually branded, and which third-party services the website needs to interface with. Once we understand your project, we can give you a proposal with a range of options and price points.
Definitely. Feel free to submit your RFP document to us and we’d be happy to submit a detailed proposal for your company.
Probably less time than you’re thinking. If your business has an existing website, we can import a lot of existing information (like community names, photos, and contact info) with our proprietary tools. We work with a team of skilled UI / UX designers, web developers, SEO specialists, and copywriting experts who understand the importance of deadlines. We’ll work with you to develop a timeline that makes sense for your business needs.
We will work seamlessly as an extension of your marketing team, including using the communications stack (e.g. Slack, Teams, Zoom) that your team is comfortable with and attending team meetings where it would be helpful for us to do so. We will also train your in-house marketing team on how to get the most out of your new website.
WordPress works fine for simple websites. As you start to add more features and complexity, though, problems start to emerge. Adding plugins causes your site to run slower and introduces security vulnerabilities. These problems will only compound as your business grows and you add new communities. Switching to Statamic ensures your website is fast, reliable, and future-proof.
Absolutely not! The beauty of Statamic is that it is portable and has very simple hosting requirements. If you want to switch to a different digital partner at any time, we can provide you with a repository that holds all your website’s files and data. Although we love to keep all our clients, we realize that needs and priorities can change. Thankfully, it’s easy to find an agency partner or a freelancer who can work with a Statamic website.
Some of our clients already have a great frontend design but want a backend that is more reliable and easier to manage. In most cases, we can migrate your existing website to Statamic. Just let us know what CMS your website is currently using and how it is hosted and we’ll tell you if migrating to Statamic is possible.

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